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Club riding

Each Sunday morning we set out from either Whalley bus station, Ribchester car park or Brownhill roundabout and head off for a day’s ride. Thankfully the weather hasn’t really affected these recently and so we are generally reaching the destination as per the schedule. A example rides are;

Darnbrook – Always a tough ride as there’s quite a lot of climbing involved but the clarity of the day made the effort all worthwhile.

Blackpool – Out across the Fylde to catch the ferry to Fleetwood and then follow the coastal cycle path to the classic seaside town. Another day with perfect weather.

Hebden Bridge – Another challenging ride with plenty of climbing. After lunch at Hebden, we made our way over to Oxenhope, having a look at the K&WVR.

Rivington Pike – We threaded our way through Blackburn, seeing sights you don’t often get, before eventually ascending Rivington pike. The return was via roads even our secretary hadn’t used before.

As you can see, we try to cover all points of the compass with our rides and include all abilities. Why not come along one Sunday and see for yourself something a little unusual?

Introduction to group riding

The first Sunday of each month, from April to October, we are having quite short rides for those who’d like to try group riding. They start at Whalley bus station and last about 4 hours and include a cafe break along the way. This month saw the group leave Whalley and head towards Ribblesdale, taking in an easy bit of rough stuff and a stop at Gardenmakers, near Wigglesworth. Not only did we have some come along for the first time but a few old hands joined in to share their cycling wisdom!