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As a section our main focus is touring but we also offer members the opportunity to race.  In fact, we have had considerable success over the years, so much so, we have created a page soley dedicated to racing - > Click Here for Racing 


The Super Tourist is a year long competition in which points are awarded for eight different disciplines or elements of cycling. These are – 1 Reliability Rides; 2 Hill Climb; 3 Freewheel Competition; 4 The Treasure Hunt; 5 Club Room Attendance; 6 Superstars; 7 Print Competition (photography); and 8 Digital Competition (photography). There will be three counting events at the Club Room in the autumn (6, 7 and 8) for which trophies are awarded as well as points. The points for these events are 200 for 1 st , 150 for 2 nd , 100 for 3 rd and 50 points for all other entrants. 10 points will be awarded for every Club Room attendance in 2024.


These are special rides that form part of our Day Rides calendar, the difference being there is a time limit, which varies according to the length of the ride. The “reliability” aspect is that a major mechanical, either human or bike related, will normally result in that rider not being able to complete the ride in the allotted time, hence leading to disqualification! In essence, these rides are not dissimilar to Audax or Sportif type rides, except our riders would be expected to ride together and not individually. However, if there are too many riders, then more than one group of riders is normally advised. Every successful rider receives a free certificate, plus a medal (£5) if required, to be presented at the Prize Evening at the Club Room.

Ride Length                   Time Allowed                 Super Tourist Points Date

50 kms                           5 hours                            50 6th October

50 miles                         5 hours                            50 6th October

15 miles                          100 minutes                   100 7th July

100 kms                          7 hours                            100 7th July

100 miles                       10 hours                           100 7th July


The Hill Climb is an annual competitive event, usually incorporated into either the NLRC, Rossendale RC or Pendle Forest events. The event takes place on an uphill road, usually no longer than a mile. There are three different age categories, Senior (over 18), Junior (16-18) and Juvenile (under 16) plus a Ladies category, for which trophies are awarded at the Prize Evening. The Super Tourist points for each of the four categories are 200 for 1 st , 150 for 2 nd , 100 for 3 rd and 50 points for all other entrants. This year, the event will probably be held on Deerplay, a roadman’s climb, organised by Rossendale RC.


This is a fun event, not necessarily competitive. As the title suggests, it is opposite to the club Hill Climb. All that is required is a hill, rider, bike and hopefully a tailwind. No pedalling is allowed on a downhill section of the road. A super trophy is awarded to the person who can freewheel the furthest. Despite being a fun event, it can be taken very seriously, with riders known to re-grease their wheel bearings the night before, or to illegally add lead weights and other paraphernalia to their clothing and bikes to gain more momentum on the downhill! This, of course, is akin to mechanical doping! There are two categories – men and women -with 200 points for 1 st , 150 points for 2 nd , 100 points for 3 rd , and 50 points for all other entrants.